Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via the web, or come and visit us at a location near you.

  1. Why buy insurance from an independent agency?
  2. Do we write Homeowners Insurance in coastal counties of SC?
  3. Who do I contact to report a claim?
  4. Do we offer Flood and Earthquake coverage?
  5. What is a HO-6 policy?
  6. Why is Homeowner Insurance more in SC, on average, than in NC or GA?
  7. My home value as decreased, why has hasn't my insurance premium?
Why buy insurance from an independent agency?

There is a great benefit to working with a local independent agent.  An independent agency has the ability to shop a vast market for a product that best suits your needs based on premium and coverage.  And if a carrier is competitive one year but not the next, independent agents can help you find a different carrier.  In addition, a local independent agent should have a great knowledge of the market where they sell to better service their clients.  We live in the community that we serve. 


So what is the difference between Independent Agents and others?  As stated above, independent agents simply are able to offer more choices.  You only have one choice when you purchase from agents who represent just one insurance company.  Agents who represent just one company are referred to as ‘captive’ agents.  Online direct insurance companies sell direct to you from a call center and usually without even using an agent. 


Davis Insurance Associates is proud to be an Independent Agency and a member of Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents.

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Do we write Homeowners Insurance in coastal counties of SC?
Our agency offers Homeowners Insurance in Myrtle Beach and for all coastal areas of South Carolina.  In fact, most of the time we can include wind & hail coverage in the Homeowners policy at a very competitive price. 

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Who do I contact to report a claim?

Most insurance carriers prefer the customer to report a loss or claim directly to them.  You should be able to find the carrier's phone number on your insurance ID card or on the policy.  We have also provided links to many of our carriers under the Carrier Links tab.

You may also submit claim information to our office using one of our claim forms.

Please feel free to call our office if you have any question regarding any aspect of the claim before calling the carrier directly.   

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Do we offer Flood and Earthquake coverage?
Yes, Davis Insurance Associates offers Flood and Earthquake coverage through a variety of companies. 

Flood insurance is most commonly written as a stand alone policy.  The premiums are usually very reasonable for the amount of protection provided. 

Earthquake coverage can typically be added to your existing Homeowners policy at an additional premium.  It can be written as a stand alone policy in some cases.   

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What is a HO-6 policy?
A HO-6 insurance policy, also known as a Condominium Unit-Owners Policy, covers the interior of the owner's unit and their personal property inside.  It is often misunderstood that the "master insurance policy" by the HOA is all the coverage that is needed.  Not only is that incorrect, but new loan regulations for condo unit loans now require that the owner have a HO-6 policy.  It basically acts to cover the part of the owner's interest that is not covered by the "master insurance policy".  In the event of a covered claim it would indemnify the owner for damage to things such as; interior walls, cabinets, furniture, appliances, and more.  The policy also includes liability and medical coverage.  The policy will, of course, only protect the unit-owner up to the amount of coverage they select and subject to the terms and deductibles of the policy.  You should discuss the coverage with a local licensed insurance agent.      

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Why is Homeowner Insurance more in SC, on average, than in NC or GA?
South Carolina has exposure to catastrophic hurricanes that cause significant damage well beyond their specific point of landfall. Hurricanes’ damage is not limited to part of a city, or a specific neighborhood. These massive storms often span hundreds of miles and cause widespread damage.

Our state has more than 187 miles of direct exposure to hurricanes with $191.9 billion in insured property along the coast. That coastal exposure represents 28% of the state’s total insured value (neighboring states NC and GA have only 9% and 5% of their respective exposures along the coast).

With increased development along the coast, risk analysts estimate that if Hurricane Hugo hit today, there would be about $10.9 billion in insured losses (Hugo caused $4.2 billion in 1989). Insurers must prepare now to ensure their ability to pay claims after a hurricane devastates our coast.

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My home value as decreased, why has hasn't my insurance premium?
Insurance protects against the value to repair or rebuild your property.  So property or market values are not among the factors that help determine rates.  Property values include the land, which is not covered by insurance.  Insurance protects against losses to the actual dwelling or structure. 

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