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Do you own a golf cart?  If so, the best way to cover it properly is with its own golf cart policy.  Davis Insurance Associates, as your local independent insurance agency, can help you find coverage that fits your needs. You can think of a golf cart like a car, when it comes to insurance. READ MORE >>

Trampolines are a staple of American family fun.  They are entertaining and great for exercise.  It’s a wonderful way to get kids to put down the game controllers and play outside.  Although, most insurance companies consider them an attractive nuisance that often leads to accidents and injuries. READ MORE >>

I know there are literally hundreds of blogs about this subject, so I’m hoping this isn’t just another non-useful blog listing the obvious ways to lower auto insurance.  To make this complete as I can; we will go over some of the easy ways that everyone knows about and try to go deeper into other ways. READ MORE >>

Getting a homeowner’s insurance quote can be painless and only takes a few minutes when you have all your information on hand.  Knowing the details of your home, including what kind of safety features you have installed, may help you qualify for money-saving discounts and will help ensure that you choose the coverage that best meets your needs. READ MORE >>

In honor of National Hurricane Preparedness week, Davis Insurance Associates wants to remind everyone of the importance of being prepared.  Hurricane season begins on June 1st and runs through November 30th, and it is critical for those who live in coastal areas to plan early. READ MORE >>

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