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Why is Renters Insurance in Myrtle Beach important?
Myrtle Beach is know for hurricanes.  Renters insurance can cover your possessions against losses from wind and hail, as well as other perils such as; fire, smoke, lightning, vandalism, theft, explosion, and other things.

Renters insurance does not typically cover floods, earthquakes, or routine wear and tear.  You can, however, sometimes add flood or earthquake coverage to your policy or purchase it with separate policies.

A Renters Insurance policy is commonly know as or referred to as a HO4 policy.  Most carriers use the Home Owners form 4 policy created by the ISO (Insurance Services Office).  In short, renters insurance is a form of homeowners insurance designed to protect the tenant.

In addition to insuring your belongings, a HO4 policy can provide Personal Liability and Medical coverage.

A typical HO4 policy can run as low as $200 annually.  But don't always go for the cheapest HO4 policy in Myrtle Beach, make sure you are getting the protection you need.  Work with a reputable agency and an agent with some experience.  Renters insurance in Myrtle Beach is something so often overlooked.  Many people greatly undervalue the cost to replace their belongings and think a HO4 policy is not worth it.  For the cost, a HO4 insurance policy is such a great investment.

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What if you are forced out of your home because of a disaster, will your additional living expenses will be covered?
Temporary housing can be pricey in, especially in Myrtle Beach - giving another reason why renters insurance in Myrtle Beach can be so important.  Renters insurance pays the reasonable additional costs of temporarily living away from your home if you can't live in it due to a fire, severe storm, or other insured disaster.  It can cover hotel bills, temporary rentals, restaurant meals, and other living expenses incurred while your home is being rebuilt or repaired.

Coverage for additional living expenses differs from company to company.

Decide How Much Insurance You Need.
Add up the cost to replace all of your belongs (and make a list).  This could also serve as the basis for an inventory that will make filing a claim easier.  For an inventory, also record model numbers, dates, and places of purchase.  Take photographs or make a video of these items and place a copy of the inventory in safe place away form your home.

If you rent an apartment or house you need insurance to protect your belongings.  While your landlord might have insurance, it only protects the building.  Your belongings are not covered under those policies.

Please read your entire policy to know what is and is not covered by your HO4 policy.  While they may be similar, not all Renters Insurance policies are the same.

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In addition to a HO4 policy, you may want to consider purchasing other coverages such as; umbrella, jewelry, flood, or earthquake.  Davis Insurance Associates is here to serve Myrtle Beach and South Carolina, count on us to understand your risks and help you protect them.  Let our office help you with your Renters Insurance in Myrtle Beach!

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