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According the 2014 United States Census Bureau there was approximately 417,668 people living in the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area. Myrtle Beach is constantly growing and continues to attract families from all over the world. Be sure to have the experience of a lifetime by visiting Myrtle Beach!  Due to the drastic increase in the Myrtle Beach population, home and auto insurance is always in high demand.  If you are someone who is looking to protect your home and assets just give your local Davis & Massey Insurance Agency a call today for quick and easy quote that might even save you and your family some money this year on your home or auto insurance.

Myrtle Beach Growth
Myrtle Beach is constantly growing and seems to be in full recovery over the last few years.  The average home in Myrtle Beach goes for around $180,000 which is relatively low compared to the rest of the real estate market.  On top of an increase in available homes, their has also been a drastic increase in the job market throughout the Myrtle Beach area. Although their has not been a drastic decrease in unemployment, there was approximately 3,900 jobs that had opened up in just 2015.  This is roughly a 3.4% job growth increase within just 12 months compared to the 2.1 percent national average.

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